Kayla & Becky are experienced improvisers with training in many different improv and theatre practices. To this end, they are sometimes available for workshops. Below are some specific workshop descriptions.

Character development (Kayla Lorette)

A good character can start from many different places. It's important to know the tools you have to create a strong and dynamic character before you begin telling your story. This workshop will looks at different ways you can shape your character, from physical movement to emotional choices to status. Through this exploration, we will find ways to create characters with depth, strong points of view and personal stakes. Giving life to these fictional people will give your improv scenes a richer and more invested feeling.

Building Platforms (Kayla Lorette)

Before diving into the heart of an improv scene, it's important to set up the foundation for your story. The strength of your platform will help tell stories that come naturally. Exercises that explore strong character choices and relationships as well as the ability to describe the world these characters live in will show how easy it is to find emotional investment and organic twists and turns within your scene work. There will also be a focus on isolating your protagonist and finding organic ways for them to change and grow.

Awareness in Improvisation (Becky Johnson) - Intermediate to Advanced

Based in principles of clowning, physical and non-literary theatre, this workshop focuses on ideas of authetic voice, size, direction and flow of energy and listening. Excersizes are chosen to focus on understanding of impulse and developing the sensitivity to follow through with momentum. The student audience is also used greatly in the pursuit of developing sensitivity toward the impulses, desires and energies they are experiencing.