Monday, April 4, 2011

Würzburg Morning

It's Monday morning and I'm sipping on coffee the same colour as the rooftops outside the kitchen window. It's my day off and so far I've eaten some Nutella and read the first three pages of a book I'm sure I won't finish on this tour. I always think I'll read more than I do.

Becky is at Cairo, the culture house where we've been teaching in Würzburg. The last two days I spent my time working with an amazing group of improvisers. My little heart was beating quickly Saturday morning as I walked up to the looming stone structure where we'd be spending our time. I know I can spend twelve hours with myself, but I couldn't imagine why anyone else would. My fears disappeared after the first hour when I realized that even though we didn't all share the same mother tongue, we did all want to have a good time. Thank goodness for the deep fountain of positivity that can be improvisation. In the end, I felt really inspired by the work we did. It's been a pretty sweet beginning to the tour. It helps that our beautiful host, Nadine, has made us feel at home here.

Würzburg is really beautiful and today I will set out explore. My naive Canadian eyes can't get enough of the pastel coloured buildings that line the river just outside our bedroom window. They stand like polite old men, wearing bright sweaters their wives bought them. Despite the clouds that rolled in this morning (oh yeah, did you hear that Toronto? I wore a tank top to dinner last night!), I think I shall try and get lost in the streets today. Take that, Becky!

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  1. Hi Kayla, I had the pleasure to attend your workshop in Würzburg, having indeed a really good time! Sweet to read about your little heart beating - we couldn't recognize your fears at all. Actually, we've had a pretty good group and you've managed to make us play some touching and meaningfull scenes. Thanks for that! I haven't had the chance to see your show on Tuesday night, so I hope I get a second chance to see you live on stage in the course of yout tour. So far, I never saw you playing, except the improv monolog on youtube, you being a drunken "cowboy" thinking about life. Wish you a great tour with a lot of inspiration and good moments for you.