Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fan Art.

by Serena Marie McCarroll
Following our victorious trip to London (we are attributing that claim to you, Adam Meggido), we Sufferettes have made some bold moves toward greater personal fame and fortune. Our current strategy looks like this:
1. Demand twitter followers
2. Demand fan art
3. Buy commanding outfits
Outcome: fame
We followed this by a demand for fan art. Within the last 24 hours, this has paid off mightily. Please join us in marvelling at the fruits of our pushiness thus far.
by TJ Czar
by Jonathan Monkhouse
by James McCrea
Want to join in on the fun? Do it! Just make some artwork of us based on photograph, memory or imagination and tweet it to us (@thesufferettes). This is how people get TV shows, right?

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